Talk on Continuous Integration Now on YouTube

My presentation from PhillyForce ‘18, “Continuous Integration with Salesforce DX: Practices and Principles for All”, is now available on YouTube.

This talk draws on several past articles published here:

Some additional resources and examples are available on my GitHub:

  • circleci-sfdx-examples, a compendium of CircleCI/Salesforce DX examples, including a basic project, using the Lightning Testing Service, testing against multiple org shapes, and using PMD static analysis.
  • sfdx-simplesalesforce, demonstrating how to test integrated code written in Python with simple_salesforce via Salesforce DX scratch orgs.
  • septaTrains, my toy Lightning project (ever wanted your SEPTA regional rail commute on your Lightning homepage?) and testing project for different CI and automated testing solutions.
  • DMRNoteAttachmentImporter, a slightly more useful package also building with SFDX on CircleCI.