fix15 - A New Tool to Support Data Loads and ETLs

I’ve released a new Python tool, fix15. This tool aims to simplify Salesforce data-load and ETL workflows by seamlessly converting 15-character Id values to their corresponding 18-character Ids in CSV data.

There are existing online Id converters, but I wanted a solution I could use from the command line as I prepped and manipulated files for data load, without copying and pasting or using complex, very slow array formulas. With fix15, just do

fix15 -c Id -c AccountId -i test.csv -o done.csv

to convert the columns “Id” and “AccountId” in the file test.csv and write the result to done.csv.

The tool is tiny, tested, and MIT-licensed. It has no dependencies outside the Python standard library and doesn’t require access to Salesforce (or, for that matter, a network connection).