Real-World Unit Testing: Get to 100% Coverage, the Right Way

My presentation from PhillyForce ‘19, “Real-World Unit Testing: Get to 100% Coverage, the Right Way”, is now available on YouTube. It was a great experience to return to PhillyForce as a speaker and organizing committee member to talk about one of the subjects I’m most passionate about - automated testing - and make the case that writing good unit tests is actually a moral, not just a technical, imperative.

The talk covers four big headings:

  • Thinking about tests as promises we’re making, and how that changes the focus of a testing program.
  • Writing good unit tests in Apex.
  • Writing testable code, thinking about tests as API consumers, and using tests to guide refactoring.
  • Advanced testing strategies with mocking and dependency injection for working with complex asynchronous Apex.

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