Publications Round-Up

I’ve been part of a number of articles and presentations over the last few months that have not so far appeared here. Want to catch up with the latest in free and open source Salesforce DevOps? Here’s some pieces I’d love to share.

  • Find Bugs Earlier with Second-Generation Packaging, on the Salesforce Architect Blog (with Brandon Parker). At Release Engineering, we’ve come with a strategy to use the flexibility of second-generation packaging (2GP) to cure many of the pains of first-generation packaging (1GP), without package migration!
  • I chatted with the fantastic Josh Birk about CumulusCI, broadening the value proposition of DevOps, and my journey in the Salesforce landscape on the Salesforce Developer Podcast.
  • I was also interviewed by Atlas Can for SalesforceBen about How Uses DevOps, where we dug into the details of how and why to build a DevOps practice on CumulusCI.
  • I joined Mohith Shrivastava in the Salesforce Interchange series to explore how to Extend NPSP with 2GP Unlocked Packages using CumulusCI.

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