My full-time position is in developing and applying the toolchain, particularly CumulusCI. I’m proud to work on nonprofit- and education-focused products and open source at Salesforce, as well as with the Open Source Commons program. I work on the Salesforce platform and in Python, Rust, and JavaScript.

My primary projects are currently:


Baris is a Rust library for working with Salesforce data in async, parallelized applications. Baris is an early-stage project.


Bibliothekai is an application for finding and evaluating the best translations of classical Greek and Latin texts. Bibliothekai currently catalogs almost a thousand translations, along with links to professional reviews and online texts where available.


Amaxa is a multi-object ETL tool/data loader for Salesforce. It’s designed to extract and load whole networks of records, like a selected set of Accounts with all of their Contacts, Opportunities, Contact Roles, and Campaigns, in a single repeatable operation while preserving the relationships between those records.

Core use cases for Amaxa include sandbox seeding, data migration, and retrieving connected data sets.

Other Projects

A number of other projects are available on my GitHub, including several Python CLI tools, demonstration repos for Salesforce DevOps, and other Salesforce-related projects.