Talks & Publications

I’ve given many talks on Salesforce, mostly focusing on topics like Apex testing, continuous integration, CumulusCI, Salesforce DX, and version control. I love meeting with Salesforce groups to teach and advocate in these areas. If your group is looking for content in these areas, please drop me a line.


Presentations on CumulusCI Suite

I chatted with the fantastic Josh Birk about CumulusCI on the Salesforce Developer Podcast. I was also interviewed by Atlas Can for SalesforceBen about How Uses DevOps, where we dug into the details of how and why to build a DevOps practice on CumulusCI.

Learn how to Extend NPSP with 2GP Unlocked Packages in the Salesforce Interchange series.

I’ve visited a number of conferences and user groups to present on how to automate Salesforce development using CumulusCI. You can view recordings of presentations on “Automate the App Lifecycle with CumulusCI” from Virtual Dreamin’ 2020, the London Salesforce Developers Group, the Kitchener, Canada Developers Group (video), at ApexHours, and in Denver, Colorado (slides). I’ve also spoken to developer groups in the Netherlands; Munich, Germany; Mount Laurel, New Jersey; and Moscow, Russia.

Learn about delivering Salesforce applications to customers with MetaDeploy in my Cactusforce 2021 presentation, Building the NPSP Trailhead Installer with MetaDeploy.

Other Talks